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How can you instantly put potential customers at ease and increase trust? Research has shown that including photos of your staff in your online content can improve brand perception and increase leads.

Savvy digital marketers know that corporate portraits, including headshots, team photos, and behind-the-scenes candids, are like gold when building rapport online. After all, who better represents your company than your staff? Showcase all of your personalities with beautiful, professional pictures!

Potential customers love meeting the providers of their favorite products and services. Creating relationships and fostering a sense of trust and familiarity are crucial steps in defining the essence of your brand. This task is as varied as the companies themselves. Are you a non-profit trying to convey the dedication that you bring to your mission? Are you a technology company trying to attract the best and brightest new graduate hires? Are you a manufacturer that prides itself on its speed of delivery? Your company’s corporate portraits and behind-the-scenes candids are an effective tool to reveal the human side of what your brand represents.

Team photos can be used in a number of ways to reach as many potential customers as possible. Here are just a few ways our clients use the headshots and team photos we produce:

  • Including a headshot on your website’s team bios page is a great way to let your customers know who will be taking care of their business.
  • Letting your team members share their corporate headshots in their LinkedIn profiles will give your company a polished professional tone among your staff’s professional networks.
  • Including team photos on your website’s hiring page will help you to attract talented candidates, who fit well within your organization.
  • Sharing team member headshots and candids on your social media networks is the perfect way to reward staff for a job well done and showcase their incredible talent.

Orchestrating a team photoshoot can be a daunting task; out team will do the hard work to make it less overwhelming for you, so that all you have to do is show up and smile. Element 74 works with you and your team to ensure your business photos and corporate portraits tell the story of the people behind the brand. We understand what it takes to produce the highest quality corporate portraits. We have a skilled team of photographers with a wide range of photographic styles to suit your brand’s image. Our photographers pay close attention to how each photo is set up. We also work with each individual staff member to ensure that he or she is comfortable during the shoot. In the end, the magic of your team is captured and is ready to share with the world!

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