At Element 74 we are firm believers in observation before action. Because we believe that solutions can’t be cookie cutter, we know that your company’s goals and obstacles are unique, too.

In order to create custom solutions, we have to figure out your unique obstacles. Before we jump into creating digital advertising campaigns (especially PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising) for you, we will perform a PPC audit and a PPC competitor analysis. Each of these serves a different but valuable purpose in the creation of a PPC Campaign or an Organic SEO Campaign.

A PPC competitor analysis will take stock of the Pay-Per-Click keywords and strategies that your closest industry competitors are using. This way, we can either improve upon an existing search term or choose a new, underutilized (but just as effective) search term in an powerful way.

The PPC audit, on the other hand, is an intricate and involved process. After research to see which keywords are best for SEO in your industry and for your business, we will pore over your current site to see how you’re using them, their frequency, their effectiveness–you name it. Once we take inventory of that information, we will use our newfound knowledge to move forward and create PPC ads that work and an SEO strategy within your site that will keep your site ranking higher organically until it’s in one of the top positions on any search engine.

The road to the top of the search results is a long one paved with keywords, but when you’ve got the right guide, it’s easier than you think. Give us a call or send us an inquiry and we’ll help get your journey to the top of the search rankings started!