In your quest for digital marketing, it’s likely you’ve heard someone encourage you to try PPC advertising, which is also called Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or Pay-Per-Click advertising.

A PPC service is a type of paid advertising that places ads at the top of the organic results from a search engine; your business pays only for each click you receive. The two greatest benefits of the PPC route are (1) speed and (2) placement. As soon as the budget begins, the campaign begins with virtually no wait time; the campaign immediately goes live. The budget you invest is directly related to your ad placement, but when you place a sufficient bid, your ad will populate close to the top of a search when prompted with the right search terms.

Historically, Google AdWords has been regarded as a first-step customer acquisition strategy. Getting people to click requires an intentional strategy and specific keywords but once they click, you have to have a strong site to push them to for a true conversion. A PPC campaign is one of the easiest methods for getting new leads and customers. The immediacy with which these campaigns see results, and the ease of calculating the ROI, makes it wildly popular with new businesses, or businesses with a lesser known service.

Note: It’s important to remember that while PPC advertising is an effective first step, it’s not a long-term solution for your marketing dollars because as soon as the budget is over, so is the campaign. An organic SEO campaign is vital to creating sustainable growth to complement the efforts of the PPC campaign. If that sounds like you, you can learn more about our organic SEO campaigns here!

PPC is easy to get started, but to run a campaign successfully and make sure every cent is well spent, it helps to have strategy experts consult and create the campaigns for you. An advertising agency or marketing team like Element 74 can help you determine which search terms customers or potential customers are already searching for (also known as a Search Audit), and use those to drive visitors from a search engine to your site.

Paid search marketing is most effective when it is done strategically and in conjunction with an organic SEO plan. Using unique keywords; we’ll help you find the exact keywords to use and write ads that get clicked, and bring customers to a beautiful, functional website.

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