Great brand identity starts with a great logo. Just like a website or good marketing collateral, a logo is often a first introduction to your business, and it’s a visual that will speak for you wherever it’s placed.

We offer logo design in conjunction with website development. If your business is starting from the ground up, or you want a total refresh, we will add logo development to your custom solution. A strong brand mark is much more than one that is well designed. A strong brand mark is intentionally designed. A member of our team will sit down with you to learn who you are and what your organization stands for. Once we establish your brand’s identity, we can get the logo started.

Visuals are more memorable, and therefore more powerful, than any other form of media. Whether you know it or not, you could probably identify hundreds of logos–like Under Armor, Nike, McDonalds, and Pepsi, just to name a few.

A good logo is versatile, fresh, and distinct from your competition. In many instances, your logo is the first thing to represent the message of your business and convey it to the company. Because of this, many brands treat their logo as the very foundation of branding strategy, and more often than not, it serves as the cornerstone in the design of the website. Brand consistency is an important part of establishing trust and comfort between your brand and your consumers.

Immersion is part of our process. We need to know your brand almost as well as you do, so our methods start with research. Before we even put pencil to paper, we’re asking the right questions to learn what’s important to you. Our creative brief process guides our creative strategy.

Trusting your business with an agency is not always easy, and we recognize the weight of our work. We know how important a strong logo and brand identity is to your organization, and we’re committed to creating something you can be proud of. Below you can see some examples of some of our favorite logo design projects. Contact us today to start your own logo project.