Global online sales are estimated to reach $4 trillion by 2020.  E-Commerce websites offer sellers and buyers an always-open channel that exceeds the boundaries of their local markets.

While the digital market presents huge opportunities to businesses of every size, building an online business can be a challenge. It takes a keen understanding of what attracts and converts customers.

Competition among E-Commerce sites is fierce, and it is only expected to increase. Building an online store is no longer about uploading new products. It now requires a sophisticated knowledge of how to leverage superior user experience, capture search engine traffic, and monitor tactics for converting shoppers into buyers. Off-the-shelf e-tailer solutions often fall short of the functionality and flexibility required for a successful E-Commerce website. Many web designers focus on building a website, but don’t understand how to market it. At Element 74 we go beyond just designing online merchant sites — we equip our clients with the full range of tools needed to for a flourishing E-Commerce business:

Because of our expertise in these areas of website design and digital marketing, we work with clients who are starting their first E-Commerce sites to seasoned online marketplace companies. Our E-Commerce experts will work with you one-on-one to find the right mix of design, functionality, and digital marketing support to help you online store thrive!

Are you using a stock E-Commerce template and spending hours trying to customize it to fit your brand? Our custom website design and logo design services take the hassle out of digital branding.

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