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Your website needs to be a representation of your entire brand; everything from the quality of your work, to what makes you unique. Your content decides your website’s destiny.

It has the power to persuade a consumer, determine how you’re found (and how often), and influence what is shared about your brand. In a competitive market, content is what separates industry leaders from the rest. Content is how you join the conversation.

Element 74 creates website content that will excite and motivate visitors, while preserving the core values and character of your brand’s voice. We get to know our clients on a personal level, and that allows us to create unique, tailored text and strategies that will impress and get you seen by more potential customers.

Whether it’s website content, articles, or blog posts; fresh content on your website is the most effective SEO tactic out there. A search engine judges many things when looking for what to recommend to a user, but the quality of your content makes the biggest impression. With all of the blogs, ads, and information within the internet, you have a lot to compete with. That’s why your content has to go above and beyond; the days of tricking search engines with large amounts of content stuffed with keywords are long gone.

When it comes to the quality of your content; it goes beyond great writing. Your content needs to have activity such as shares, clicks, and views; otherwise known as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is being discovered online through social media and search engines by creating and sharing content that will invoke a reaction or interest from users. It’s a proven tactic that increases the chance that a consumer visiting your website will have something in common with your brand, and hopefully help make a conversion.

Do you think your content would convince someone to stick around, or cause them to bounce off your site and move onto the next competitor? Nail down more prospective clients as soon as they reach your site by providing them with the content they’re looking for. Our content writing services are customized for each client and the amount of content they need. Start a conversation and see how we can help you improve your digital presence!