If you’re in the market for a website, odds are you’ve run across the phrase “Content is King.”

Content can mean two things. Most often, it refers to everything that makes up the user experience of your website–the messages, the words, the pictures, the videos–everything. But content creation, more often than not, simply refers to the words on the page; the copy.

Website copy needs to be three things in order to be successful: friendly, full, and fresh.


Good copy makes your company highly credible and can even establish you as an industry leader. Words show that you know what you’re talking about–literally. But unfortunately, a lot of great businesses lack the know-how to communicate their offerings to the public eye. Content needs to be friendly, not only in the digital voice, but it must be easily digested by a large audience.

While many websites have specific audiences who may easily understand industry jargon, websites are still public domain, so it’s important to write copy that a wide variety of people can understand. This approach to copy invites users into the conversation, making you a familiar and trusted brand that speaks their language.


The effects of strong website content are tremendous for both building and retaining your customer base. Keyword rich copy means that when Google and other search engines go through your site to find out what your business is all about (known as indexing), they find it quickly and easily. If it’s easy for these search engines to get the point of your website, they’ll reward you with a higher search ranking, making it easier and easier for other users to find you. Along with our SEO services, we will determine the exact search terms to create the kind of content that Google is looking for–and then we’ll make sure your website is full of it.


So how do you compete across the world wide web for your voice to be heard? Ever heard the old saying “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”? The same principle applies here. The best way to get your voice heard is to keep talking, and keep saying things that are relevant and that users care about. Search engines prioritize websites that obviously show they are maintaining their website by investing the time to keep the site updated with new, fresh copy and content. The services you offer may not change, but with a regularly maintained blog, you could easily become an industry expert, and move up the Google ranks.

Writing Services

Our in-house professional copywriter becomes an extension of your company’s voice–whether that’s laidback and conversational, or clinical and industry-specific. Whatever your voice sounds like, it will be heard when good copy is part of the conversation.

We have experience in creating a variety of content for:

  • Website pages
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Email Newsletters
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Press Releases

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