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It’s International Podcast Day so we’re sharing some of our team’s favorite shows!

The Dark Side Of... podcast imageThe Dark Side Of…

Every week, Kate Leonard & Richard Rossner from the Parcast network dive into the dark side of historical events, pop-culture favorites, and social norms. Each season features a different topic such as Hollywood (my favorite season so far), music, space, and even The 90s. Their current season looks at the dark side of the fashion industry.

“I love this podcast because it’s a great place to learn fun trivia to share with your friends who absolutely do not want to know the dark secrets of The Wizard of Oz.” – Breanne Bleichroth, Element 74, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Crime Junkie podcast image

Crime Junkie

As the name suggests, Crime Junkie is a favorite among true crime addicts. Every week Ashley and Brit cover a different case in detail sharing police reports, crime scene photos, and sometimes even 911 calls. 

“I love the suspense and trying to figure out the case before they tell us who did it.” – Jessica Blanton, Red Letter, Digital Program Coordinator

Dave's Five Hot Takes podcast imageDave’s 5 Hot Takes

In this podcast, musician Dave Barnes sits down with guests to discuss their top five hot takes about the music industry, including a few controversial takes. You might even learn a few things. This is a new podcast so it’s easy to binge if you’re into that sorta thing. 

“I listen to this one frequently because I like to nerd out on music stuff. Dave Barnes is a talented singer/songwriter in Nashville who writes with and for some pretty big names in the business. He analyzes songs from all kinds of angles and introduces things I’ve never noticed.” – Jon Fox, Red Letter & Element 74, VP, Digital Services

Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale tells the stories of a town called Night Vale where the supernatural and paranormal are part of the everyday routine. This unique podcast is reminiscent of a radio show from a time long past, featuring unique characters and storyline that are out of this world.

“The radio narrative layout is very unique and the supernatural aspect hooked me immediately.” – Catrina Hawkins, Red Letter, Production Artist

Heavyweight Podcast imageHeavyweight

Host Jonathan Goldstein is in the business of helping people. Sorta. In Heavyweight, Goldstein helps someone resolve a moment from their past they can’t quite get over in whatever way possible. 

The stories can range from really profound to a little silly, but they almost always lead to some kind of satisfying catharsis in the end.” – Carrie Walker, Senior Copywriter

Office Ladies

Fans of The Office will really love this podcast. Every week, Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) break down an episode of the beloved sitcom, providing behind-the-scenes stories. Some members of the cast and crew stop in for a chat, too. 

“I really like hearing about the writers for each episode and what parts were scripted and which parts just happened.” -Whitney Tapley, Red Letter, Digital Designer

The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, vlogger, content creator, CEO, investor, and overall jack-of-all-trades in the marketing world. This podcast is a on the go version of his YouTube videos, keynotes speeches, interviews with his friends, and more. 

“I look up to Gary Vee. He’s incredibly successful but also very real and doesn’t candy coat anything.” – Jared Chandler, Element 74, Business Development Manager


If you’re ready for spooky season, Spooked is the podcast for you. The hosts of Snap Judgement brings you a new supernatural story told by the people who experienced them. These first-hand accounts of ghosts and paranormal activities will have you in the mood for Halloween all year round. 

“I love a good ghost story.” – Brooke Dohogne-Scherer, Red Letter, Production Artist

The Balance and Motherhood Podcast imageThe Balance and Motherhood Podcast

Any mom knows it can be hard to find time for yourself when you have kids running around. Caring for your needs can start to fall through the cracks but life coach Sarah Bivens isn’t having it. This podcast gives moms realistic ways to care for and empower themselves.

“I’m a single mom so this podcast resonates with me. This podcast gives some very realistic advice for balancing my needs and the needs of my kid.” – Abbi Bumpus, Element 74, Digital Marketing Assistant

Hidden Brain by NPRHidden Brain

Have you ever wanted to better understand why people do the things they do? Hidden Brain uses science and storytelling to explore the human mind and what drives human behavior.

“I think it’s interesting to look at human behavior from a scientific perspective to help understand why we are the way we are, do the things we do and to help find ways to be better humans.” – Beth Pekios, Red Letter, Production Manager

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