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Have you ever met someone and after they told you their job title, you still were left wondering what it is that they do?

My name is Rebekah, and I’m a Project Manager at Element 74. 😉

So, what exactly does an Element 74 Project Manager do? Don’t worry; I’m not going to say, “We manage projects at Element 74!” for two reasons: 1. My 7th grade English teacher would give me the stink eye, and 2. Well, duh.

Being a Project Manager at Element 74 is a title that I and my fellow PM’s (that’s we call ourselves to feel cool) don’t take lightly. Although there is an endless amount of things an Element 74 Project Manager does (with something new added almost weekly), I’m going to focus on the ones that matter most to me and the rest of the PM team.

1. We put ourselves in your (or your business’) shoes.

The first thing we do as Project Managers is find out as much about our client as possible. This starts by asking numerous questions to gain perspective as if we were the ones working in your space, interacting with the people and products you see daily.

For example: What is your company best known for and why? What is an average day like? What are some challenges you face on a frequent basis? Why should consumers buy your product? We’ll dig down to not only the products or services you provide, but why you are passionate about them. We want to be passionate right alongside you, so we can take that passion and reflect it on your new website or in your custom software.

“As a Project Manager, I feel like I’ve personally worked for 100+ different companies. Throughout our process, I get to learn about and understand the business that I’m working with and that’s really
~Austin Bollinger


2. We problem solve.

Our clients know their business, and often know they need to step up their online presence or internal process with a better solution. Most are unsure of what is required to make that happen. That’s where a Project Manager comes in! Along with the help of our brilliant team of developers, we work with you to understand your current difficulties and what we can do through your new site or software to increase your business’ productivity and profitability!

“Being a Project Manager means you are the mother of a project. You have to make sure everyone is doing what they should and staying in line.”
~Cindy Knebel


3. We translate.

This role is especially important as a Project Manager because without it, none of the others matter. To put this idea simply, a Project Manager at Element 74 acts as the middleman and conduit between our client and designers, developers, and even our client and their clients. We work to craft a specific message, elicit the desired emotions through design, and above all, we are first responders when it comes to user experience.

“As Project Managers we are very hands-on with each project throughout its entire development. We’re plugging in content, making modifications and standing with the development team as they fine-tune the code.”
~Darren Burgfeld


4. We teach.

This may sound like a stretch, but hear me out. When a client needs to know how to edit their website, the project’s PM teaches them how to use our Content Management System, EasyPost® . Beyond the website itself, there is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-mail Marketing and Social Media management. A Project Manager educates their client on the best options for them to succeed and move forward with a better understanding of how these tools work to their benefit.

“Being an Element 74 PM means overseeing a project from planning to execution and making strategic decisions to help improve a client’s digital presence and meet their website goals.”
~Jessica May


5. We Cheer.

Designing and programming a new website and custom software can take time. As a project’s Project Manager, we become emotionally involved and invested, too! When the time comes and your project is complete, you better believe we will be the ones cheering the loudest, pom-poms and all.

“Sometimes I get so emotionally invested in a client’s business that I start to say “We” when talking about their business to friends and family. I consider myself a genuine extension of their team and am passionate about their success.”
~Toni Eftink

Rebekah Corbitt

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Rebekah Corbitt
Affectionately known around the office as "Beks," Rebekah is an avid fan of sitcoms, can turn any moment into a reference from The Office (US), and has a bowl eternally full of candy on her desk.

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