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Before I decided to do a Client Spotlight for SleepFast, I thought purchasing a mattress was the same for everyone: You head to a nearby furniture or mattress store, spend hours picking out the perfect one, and have to either haul it home yourself or pay to have it delivered.

Little did I know, there is a company like SleepFast who makes it possible to have the perfect mattress find you!

Shopping for the perfect mattress with SleepFast is simple. Go to their website and choose from five sizes of mattresses that will ship to your home for free. That’s IT.

How is this possible?” I asked the same thing. They gently compress their Fusion mattress using state of the art machinery, which keeps it safe, clean and easy to ship to your door.

How do you know that you’ll like it?” I asked that, too. The SleepFast mattress is a “flippable” mattress, so whether you prefer a firm or plush surface, they’ve got you covered. They even use UltraCoil Technology, which is way more comfortable than normal coils- they support your body where it needs it most, keeps you cool while you sleep and makes the mattress more durable than foam mattresses.

Every mattress is supposed to be comfortable, but not every mattress is designed with the input of doctors and mattress experts (they have 75 years of experience)! SleepFast wanted to create the perfect mattress by making it easy to buy and affordable, while keeping it high quality and unbelievably comfortable. If I’ve made you sleepy, head to their site and see if the Fusion mattress could make your dreams come true (pun intended).


Cindy Knebel

About the Author

Cindy Knebel
Cindy is a former Element 74 Project Manager and contributing author for the Element 74 blog.

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