Keeping the Home Fires Burning…

While a large portion of Element 74's staff is on a business trip in the Cayman Islands, the rest of us are here keeping up with our typical NASCAR pit crew-like style of work ethic. Our development and support staff are cranking away on your projects, and Darren is holding down the project management role. While the others are suffering ...  Read More

Help Free Kyle from the MDA Lockup!

Believe it or not, I'm going to jail and I need your help. While it's not a real jail, it's even more important as I'm raising bail to help children and adults with muscle disease in my community who are supported by the vital work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). I might not be able to rely on good ...  Read More

Our Company is Growing Fast!

We have some great news! To keep pace with company growth, we created 3 new positions! Earlier this week Toni Eftink was appointed as Director of User Experience, Austin Bollinger as Director of Marketing, and Manish Shrestha as Director of Software Development. Over the past several years our company has been going through a period of rapid growth, says President ...  Read More

Google PANDA Algorithm Update Coming Soon

Is all of the buzz around Google's SEO algorithm changes lately making you dizzy? Here's a quick recap of 2015, information courtesy of In early February webmasters noticed major changes in their page rankings and speculation points to either an ecommerce update or a mobile usability update, but Google has not confirmed either. In April the widely known Mobilegeddon ...  Read More

More Incredible Lessons from Marketing United

Sorry all, I meant to post this on Wednesday. Apologies to anyone that was waiting with baited breath. In my previous post,Takeaways from the Marketing United Conference in Nashville, TN, I shared some of the lessons learnt from Marketing United (a digital marketing conference hosted by Emma). I had planned to write everything in one post, but found there was just ...  Read More