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Element 74 Wins International Video Award

We have a huge announcement to share with you and we're super stoked about it! Element 74 just won an incredibly awesome 'Award of Distinction' for our work on Schaefer's Electrical Enclosures, a company overview video that we did back in early 2013. The competition had over 1500 companies and individuals from 12 different countries and we are honored to ...  Read More

4 Website Myths Exposed

There are so many myths online about the best and worst practices of developing and designing a website, even the Mythbusters would be overwhelmed! With little to no background knowledge it can be confusing to differentiate the true from the false. Below we have compiled a list of the most common website myths: # 1. To have a website you ...  Read More

Where Does Your Business Show Up Online?

Have you ever wondered where your business shows up on the internet? Maybe you've found listings for your business on eLocal, CitySearch or YellowPages and wondered how they got there. If you found listings out there, did they have the right information? In many cases sites like eLocal, CitySearch or YellowPages import your business's data from other sites such as ...  Read More

Internet Safety: Protecting Your Children

I often marvel at the seemingly natural ability children have to adapt to emerging technology. Though I’ve been a “computer geek” for as long as PCs have been around (dating myself here), watching my 5 year-old daughter navigate through Monster High online games and seeing my 2 ½ year-old son play Kids Mode on my phone still amazes me. Of ...  Read More

5 Design Mistakes That Ruin Your Website

Have you ever stared at your website and thought This looks awful. Where did I go wrong? Retired graphic designer Joe Sparano once said, Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent. So where is the line between obvious and transparent? It's a hard question to answer. We often get caught up in adding flare or cool features to our ...  Read More

Element 74: The Tungsten Story

So what is the Tungsten story? Where did the Element74 name come from? I started my position about two months ago here at Element74, and have wondered for quite awhile why Element74? Why Tungsten? Why not Chromium or Copper or Zinc? Several of my clients have asked me the same question, so I figured it was time to get to ...  Read More