How to Use Snapchat for Your Business

Now that Snapchat has hit an all-time high with 500 million Snapchat Stories posted per day, you’re bound to have at least a handful of current or future customers that are using the social media platform, and viewing content posted on it by others multiple times a day. Whether you’ve jumped on the bandwagon or not, Snapchat is making a huge impact ...  Read More

How To Turn Your Email Into A Supercharged Task List

I'm a Project Manager at a busy Digital Production Company. What does that mean? Well, for starters it means keeping countless client interactions organized, keeping production moving on dozens of different projects, and making sure I never forget anything. So, how does someone like me keep everything straight? There are a ton of organizational tools, apps, and software out there. ...  Read More

7 Digital Tools I Can’t Live Without

When you work at a digital production company it's important to have an arsenal full of digital tools to help you get your work done - tools that increase efficiency and creativity. Here are seven such tools that I can't live without. I think you'll find them pretty useful, too! 7. LightShot This is my favorite to tell people about. ...  Read More

Blog Your Way to Bigger Business in 2016

Blogging may seem like unchartered territory that not everyone can cross, but it can be the characteristic that your business has over competitors. Blogging is a strong tool for any business, but it is still immensely underutilized by many. Take the opportunity to be a step ahead, and connect with more potential customers. Don’t know where to start? Here are ...  Read More

Cape Middle School and the Hour of Code

As a local company we love getting involved with our community. Sometimes that takes us to the Salvation Army or the SEMO Food Bank, but not so long ago we received a really special request from Ms. Tanda Smith, a teacher at Cape Middle School. Ms. Smith explained that her students would be participating in an event called Hour of ...  Read More