How Does Your Audience Hold Their Mobile Device?

So, how does your audience hold their mobile device? At first glance, this question may sound ridiculous. But with so much focus shifting to mobile convenience, shouldn’t we care about the positioning of one’s hand while searching the web? I say yes, yes we should. With all of the effort that goes into creating a great user experience for every ...  Read More

Element 74 Wins Eight ADDYs and a Silver Medal Award

The Tri-State Advertising and Marketing Professionals hosted the 2017 American Advertising Awards on Friday, February 24. This local competition is the first step in the three-tier American Advertising Federation competition, which celebrates creative excellence in advertising. Element 74 took home eight ADDY awards this year, including five bronze and three silver awards. They are listed as follows: Valle Catholic School ...  Read More

Mobile Experience is Officially Superior

Whether you’re ready or not, Google is significantly changing the way you search. If you have a website, pay attention: Google is shifting its algorithm, or search formula, to separate mobile from desktop searches. Because the number of searches on a mobile device have surpassed desktop searches, Google is actually prioritizing mobile searches. It will update mobile search results more ...  Read More

Courting Your Customers

Valentine’s Day is almost here: The day of love, expensive candies, and feeling special. I don’t know about you, but when I think about feeling special or important, brands are not the first thing that come to mind. Maybe I should, though; there’s something intensely intimate about digital marketing that’s never existed in marketing efforts before. Thanks to digital marketing, ...  Read More

Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2017

Trend: the word has a bad reputation. It’s looked at as something that will one day be outdated or "uncool". Trends have a different meaning in the digital world; the knowledge of current trends and practices are vital to the success of everything we do. The web design industry is constantly evolving, and each year a new standard is set ...  Read More

3 Reasons You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

We are in a new age of consumers that are constantly immersed in information, and most importantly, are digitally-aware. The days of roping in customers with mindless ads and hype are over. Old-school marketing strategies aren’t cutting it with the modern buyer, and it’s time to step up your content game if you want to win them over. Here are ...  Read More

Video: Your Marketing Campaigns New Best Friend

It’s not a secret; videos are becoming the standard in successful digital marketing strategies. I know what you’re thinking: Great, another new trend I have to adapt to. But don’t worry; this won’t be fading out anytime soon, so it’s worth the effort! Everyone from retail to nonprofits are reaching more valuable leads using video, and if there was a ...  Read More

5 Tips to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Remember the simpler times when your business “just needed a website”? We’re long past the days of simply needing an online presence. How do you stand out above your competition? The answer is simple, but the execution is not. You need outstanding content that your audience craves. Blogging is a great way to keep your website’s content fresh and exciting, ...  Read More

HSSEMO: Giving Animals Another Chance

This is probably our cutest post yet, but honestly, I can’t think of an organization that made me go through such an emotional roller-coaster for a Client Spotlight! This month our spotlight is on the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri. They take pets with nowhere else to go and give them love, shelter and hopefully, a home. If you have ...  Read More