3 Reasons You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

We are in a new age of consumers that are constantly immersed in information, and most importantly, are digitally-aware. The days of roping in customers with mindless ads and hype are over. Old-school marketing strategies aren’t cutting it with the modern buyer, and it’s time to step up your content game if you want to win them over. Here are ...  Read More

Video: Your Marketing Campaigns New Best Friend

It’s not a secret; videos are becoming the standard in successful digital marketing strategies. I know what you’re thinking: Great, another new trend I have to adapt to. But don’t worry; this won’t be fading out anytime soon, so it’s worth the effort! Everyone from retail to nonprofits are reaching more valuable leads using video, and if there was a ...  Read More

5 Tips to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Remember the simpler times when your business “just needed a website”? We’re long past the days of simply needing an online presence. How do you stand out above your competition? The answer is simple, but the execution is not. You need outstanding content that your audience craves. Blogging is a great way to keep your website’s content fresh and exciting, ...  Read More

Getting Started with Instagram for Business

Social media isn’t always fun to keep up with. It’s time consuming, tedious and for some, a quick route to a headache. So, what if I told you a fun and informal social media platform actually exists? Don’t worry, I’m not playing a trick; this magical platform goes by the name of Instagram. Instagram is completely photo-based, and has no ...  Read More

An Introduction to SEO Basics

To be honest, the phrase “search engine optimization” once frightened me. I don’t know about you, but I thought it sounded complicated and intimidating. As a newbie project manager at Element 74, I naturally decided to tackle my digital fears head-on and figure out how SEO works. The internet is full of great SEO educational tools. I chose a “Search ...  Read More

3 Reasons Your Website is Losing Readers

Do you use Google Analytics or some other analytics service to monitor your website's traffic? This post was originally published in 2013, but with all of the questions we receive about analytics, we wanted to update it and help out a few more analytics-beginners! Many people install analytics, but due to the overload of information, it’s hard to choose which data ...  Read More

3 Steps to A Better Work Week

We all know the feeling. The alarm clock goes off, and you know: Monday is here. You hit the snooze button as many times as possible and take off running to work, just barely making it to your desk on time. You may not know it, but having that constant on-the-go feeling can actually hurt your attitude and your output. ...  Read More

3 Steps to a Highly Effective Homepage

What is the purpose of your website's homepage? In recent years the home page was much like the front door to your website. Users would type in your domain name or URL, and then they would scan your homepage. But, with social media, blogs and search engines, many users are arriving on your website through on of your many side ...  Read More