Creating a More Secure Password

Even if your dog is your bff, we're sorry to report that ScruffyFurEver is just not a secure password. Why do I need a secure password? Here's what's nutty about passwords: despite the copious amounts of data they protect, most of them aren't secure at all. If the Equifax breach a few weeks ago wasn't enough to convince you that you need ...  Read More

So You’re Considering a Standing Desk

Good choice! You’re well on your way to feeling more energized and happier at work. Unfortunately, most of us come around to the idea of using a standing desk after dealing with some form of pain—physical pain from sitting uncomfortably, sluggishness from lack of movement, and the list can go on. Personally, mouse-induced neck and shoulder pain lead me to ...  Read More

Marketing Luncheon Takes a Crispy Turn

Part of our growth strategy at Element 74 is to hang out with other creatives from the area to share insight and, occasionally, tacos. Today was a prime occasion to take on both, as the Tri-State Advertising & Marketing Professionals group put on a “creative shootout” lunch event (and yes, it was “taco Tuesday”). The event, held at El Sol ...  Read More

Why Cyber Security Matters

In the first article of this three part series, we're going to explore if having a cyber security really matters (spoiler alert: it does). When it comes to believing the legitimacy of cyber-security threats, I'm probably one of the worst culprits. I float through life convincing myself that no one is interested in what I'm doing online. Since I have ...  Read More

Staying Organized

Too many things on your plate? We can help with that. Around the office, I'm known for my organizational skills. Even among clients, I've gotten the reputation as the project manager who will give you a deadline and pester you until you give me an answer--or a worthy excuse. I'm not bossy; I just truly believe in the power of ...  Read More

Using Instagram Stories in your Social Strategy

Instagram stories are the perfect extension of your Instagram feed, showing followers a more personal look into behind-the-scenes aspects of your brand. What is an Instagram Story? Instagram stories show disappearing content in a slideshow format. An Instagram story can be a mix or series of up to 15 second videos and photos, often decorated with text, stickers, and drawings, ...  Read More

How to Use Blogging to Increase Website Traffic

You can have an amazing website: Modern design, a user friendly flow, responsive functionality and even professional photography. After all of that hard work to create that impressive online presence, now you have to devise a strategy to get people to it. I know; you were hoping most of the work was over, but don’t worry! I will tell you ...  Read More