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Some people just naturally have the Christmas spirit. You know that twinkle in the eye, joy in listening to carols and cheer in decorating (at just the right time of course).

I like to call these people Christmas Elves, and we’re extremely lucky to have our very own Christmas Elf at Element 74, Rebekah Corbitt.

Rebekah has taken it upon herself to bring Christmas cheer to all who are here and near. She’s fluffed the wreaths, hung the banners, decorated a brand new tree that she picked out for us. She’s changed her computer monitor background, and has not one, not two but a multitude of Christmas playlists to grace us with from Spotify. She’s even allowing us to happily use the Christmas mugs in the office, because you see such things should only be used at the appropriate time of year to honor the season. You’ll get an eyebrow or two from our elf when using a Christmas mug in May or June or really any inappropriate time. But when the time has arrived as it has now, she’s the first to grab the Christmas mug and celebrate the season.

Rebekah or Beks as we lovingly call her in the office is also planning our Christmas party which is a much anticipated yearly event. See we’re small enough to have an intimate party yet big enough that it’s still a party! While arranging everything for the party (reservations, food, gifts, and fun) she’s even created a special Christmas email signature. This lady doesn’t cut corners when it come to Christmas cheer.

From all of us at Element 74, we’d like to thank our Christmas Elf for all the extra work that she does to help us celebrate this very special season. And to you and yours we hope you have a jolly rest of the year.

Toni Eftink

About the Author

Toni Eftink
If Element 74 were a circus, Toni would be the ring leader, juggler and headliner all in one. Outside her passion for E74 Life, Toni likes to hike, run, and spend her weekends downtown at Dynamite, the Farmer's Market and checking out other little shops with friends.

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