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We all know how important it is to evaluate our workflow processes to see where we could be improving or saving time and money. While often overlooked, it’s also necessary to take an in-depth look at our work environment to see how it is affecting productivity, creativity, and overall success.

1. Create a Functional Space

If a major goal of your team is to improve collaboration and the creative process, you may want to consider a more open workspace. An open space to think and work will increase the flow of ideas within a team and allow for creativity to spark.

If you find that productivity is more of an issue, minimizing distractions in your work environment is key! If you have the ability, give your employees their own offices that they can make their own to allow maximum productivity. You may want to consider whether an employee needs an office where they can make conference calls or have client meetings in, or if a cubicle would be sufficient in zoning out distractions.


2. Get Creative!

Not only does your workspace need to serve its purpose, but it should look welcoming also! Employees and clients will feel much more comfortable in a space that feels warm, inviting and fresh.

If your employees have their own offices, allow them to reflect their own styles if they want to decorate. If you’d rather have everything look more uniform or neutral, collaborate with your employees to determine how the interior should feel. They will appreciate being included in this decision and enjoy the environment knowing they had input in the process.


3. De-Clutter your Workspace

Marianne Wall, author for, suggests that a tidy workspace allows us a greater sense of clarity. It can improve concentration and productivity and reduce the likelihood of making mistakes.

This is easier said than done. Wall suggests taking organization one small step at a time. Figure out what needs to be taken care of, and do one small thing every day until you have a tidy space. Once you’ve completed your office organization, set aside a half hour every other week to help yourself maintain this. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!


How Element 74 Optimized Our Environment for Maximum Success

The number one wish for Element 74 employees would be that there could be more hours in a day. Because this is impossible, we decided to solve the problem another way. After some strategic brainstorming, we created new workspaces that maximized production and creativity, but with reduced distractions.

Our new office features an open room for developers to collaborate and accomplish their tasks. Project Managers have their own offices to zone in on their duties and stay on top of client communication. Our support team now has their own office to allow them to focus on our clients’ needs. Within just the first month of our new spaces, we’ve seen a drastic increase in productivity!

Happy Employees = Successful Teams.

Think of your office less as a piece of real estate and more of a strategic tool to maximize your team’s success! Imagine this: you’ve hired a great set of employees equipped with all the right skills, but you stick them in an area that hinders their mood, productivity, creativity, and overall performance. This could be prevented by collaborating with your team to give them a better space! It’s simple, and the research is conclusive: make your employees comfortable and they’ll perform better and want to stick around. It’s a win-win for everyone!

(Just for fun) A few Element 74 employee office redesign suggestions that didn’t quite make the cut:

  • A fully-equipped gym
  • Coffee bar and barista on staff
  • Room full of puppies and kittens
  • Beer taps for tasty home brews
  • Treadmill desks and/or massaging desk chairs
  • Swings

We like to dream big here at Element 74, as you can tell : )

Jessica May

About the Author

Jessica May
Jessica is a former Element 74 Project Manager and contributing author for the Element 74 blog.

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