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For us at Element 74, there’s no contest. Hands down, the best fair is ours! This week is (finally) the SEMO District Fair!!

During fair time, a magical light falls over the city of Cape. You find yourself behind more tractors putting along the main streets, seeing more livestock than usual for city limits, and the sunsets are dotted with the flickering and flying lights of carnival rides darting and spinning through the sky.

One of the best fair traditions is sharing your favorite fair tradition–it’s almost a rite of passage to have a favorite part. Here are just some of the highlights from the E74 team:


This is sort of a given but food just tastes better fried and on a stick, and there’s no shortage of that at the fair. Ribbon potatoes (yes, a long, winding starchy strand of deliciously crunchy taters) and cheese fries are at the top of the list for us. Fair lore tells us that each year on these seven days, calories don’t count. And we live up to the legacy.


Everyone’s got their fair fam, their go-to booth, their can’t-miss event. Our E74 family is no different. Darren says:

“It’s been such a family thing for me since I was little. Showing our cattle, the prep leading up to the fair, those early mornings with dew on the grass and farm noises… it’s my favorite thing all year and my happy place when I get it. it makes me super happy that Layla wants to do it now, too, because she’s at the age where I started really digging in. #dadmoments

Too cute, right? Nostalgia is a huge draw when it comes to the fair. We all love our memories, and we want to make them with everyone else, too.

Great night for some family fun at the demolition derby.

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A few of our team were in the stands at this year’s demolition derby, cheering on as cars smashed each other to smithereens. A true fair classic. Some other contenders for favorite include: the pull-up bar, mother-daughter look-alike contest, and concerts.

What do you think is the best part of the fair? Share in the comments and check out the rest.

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