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Growth is a great thing, especially when you are adding new, talented team members to a crew that works to consistently crank out awesome websites!

Element 74 is proud to welcome a new junior developer to our team. Pravin Bhandari comes to us from Southeast Missouri State University, and graduated in December with a degree in computer information systems.

Pravin was born and raised in Nepal, and came to the states in January 2011 to study at Southeast.

Pravin is the youngest child in his family; he has an older brother and sister. His brother studied in Switzerland and now lives in Vietnam. The rest of his family lives in Nepal. His parents came to visit in December and took a long road trip to New York and other places along the east coast.

Pravin spent summer time in Ocean City, MD, and really enjoyed it. “I think the population is less than 10,000, but during summer it’s more than 100,000, he said. People go there to just have fun.” Pravin is a “people watcher,” and likes the small town feel balanced with the resort community.

Pravin was influenced into studying technology at an early age.

“When I was young, my brother took a course in web designing, and I learned a little bit at that time. I looked at codes from other sites and would try to copy that. Later, after I passed my schooling, I chose this path to study.”

When he’s not hard at work, Pravin is a simple man who just likes to relax. “I’m one of those who just likes to stay home and do whatever I want; watch movies and such.”

With his travels around the US, Pravin has seen some great places. However, he’s happy to set his roots here. “After living here for five years, I love this place,” he said. “You don’t really want to go anywhere else, especially for Cape; I really like this place.”

We’re glad that Pravin decided to join our team and share his talents, and we hope that you will welcome him as warmly as we have! Welcome to the crew, Pravin!

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