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This is probably our cutest post yet, but honestly, I can’t think of an organization that made me go through such an emotional roller-coaster for a Client Spotlight!

This month our spotlight is on the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri. They take pets with nowhere else to go and give them love, shelter and hopefully, a home.

If you have ever been in a shelter, you know it can be hard to see all of the cute faces and not just save them all! Although that would be great, that’s usually not feasible. That’s why the Humane Society is here; to do all they can to raise awareness and help as many animals as possible live a fulfilled life.

Our Lead Application Support Engineer, Kyle Adams, decided he should give a pet another chance, too! He just adopted a sweet little girl, Faith, from HSSEMO this past month, and is loving his new addition to the family. “The Humane Society was very helpful in providing me with the opportunity to adopt a new companion. Adopting Faith was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. She has been an excellent addition to my life. I have benefited in many ways from having her, from going on daily walks to having an excess of positive energy.”

Humane Society of SEMO receives no operating funds from the government or the Humane Society of the United States. They run completely on love fuel from the communities around them, and there are countless ways you can throw them a bone. OK I’ll stop with the puns, but really, even the smallest donation or amount of time you give to the Humane Society can help. They even have a wish list and all the ways you can help on their website.

Now, let’s give you what you came here for. Below are the pets recently put up for adoption; get all of the warm and fuzzy feels, and maybe save a life!

To see an updated list, visit their Adoptable Pets page.

Cindy Knebel

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Cindy Knebel
Cindy is a former Element 74 Project Manager and contributing author for the Element 74 blog.

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