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Now that Snapchat has hit an all-time high with 500 million Snapchat Stories posted per day, you’re bound to have at least a handful of current or future customers that are using the social media platform, and viewing content posted on it by others multiple times a day.

Whether you’ve jumped on the bandwagon or not, Snapchat is making a huge impact on B2C interaction; They even reported that 100 million users, mostly ages 13-37, are active daily. From finding friends to Geofilters and Stories, here’s what you should know and how to get started with your own account:

Creating An Account

Start by downloading the Snapchat app from the iTunes App Store for iOS or from the Google Play Store for Android. From there, follow the prompts given on your mobile screen. Remember: The email address, password and username you choose are very important for a couple reasons:

  • The email you choose should be one that you will have around for a while; it can get you out of a sticky situation like forgetting your password.
  • The username you choose is the “face” of your business on Snapchat; take some time to choose one that speaks to your brand! 

Once you have set up your account, you need to configure the rest of your account settings by first tapping the ghost at the top of the screen, and then the settings wheel on the top right of the screen. In your settings, you can enter your name, change your email, choose how people can find you, and who can send/view your snaps.


When using Snapchat for a business, I highly recommend allowing everyone to view your story. You don’t want people to have to jump through hoops to see the goods! You can modify this under the “Who Can..” Section.

Find Friends

Viewing other users’ stories and snaps will help you keep up with trends and think of new ideas for your own snaps. Tap that same ghost at the top of your screen, and select “Add Friends”. You will see a couple options of how to add someone: you can add them from your address book, by Snapcode and by location (Nearby).

Next, you need to find some celebrities and brands to follow.

Twitter & Facebook

By searching “Follow me on Snapchat” in the search bar for either of these mediums, you can find millions of users and brands wanting a follow. If you select “Search all people” on twitter, or “See all results” on Facebook, you will see a wider variety of usernames to choose from. On Facebook, you can narrow your search to groups and friends as well.



Snapcodes is an easy way to find brands, users and trends in Snapchat. You can search by category to find brands and celebrities that best fit with you.

Story Time

Snapchat Stories can be a beautiful thing for you and your brand for on simple reason: you can do whatever you want with it and not be questioned! You can make your story what you want it to be; whether that’s funny, conversational or professional. But be careful; it’s not all fun and games. You need to have a strategy behind your presence. You want people to come to your Snapchat for specific reasons, instead of counting on them to look through it “just because”.

So, How do you post a story?

1. Take a Snap, whether that be a photo or video.
2. Using the box button with the plus sign will send it straight to your story; or you can us the arrow button and add it manually. (labeled below)



Drum roll please… introducing Geofilters; the most fun and attractive way to interact with your followers. Geofilters are decorative frames or pictures that users can put on top of their photos or videos; and Snapchaters absolutely love them. This is a surefire way to get more people involved and interested in your brand. Geofilters are completely based on location; it’s up to you how big or small the area is that your Geofilter will show up for users. Even better; once you’re signed in, they provide you with filter templates if you aren’t very design savvy.

Here are some great examples of Geofilters:


So, now that you know the basics of Snapchat; take it and run! Snapchat is a fun and personal way to do what every business or organization wants to do: connect with consumers, get them excited about your brand, and just show them what you got. Happy Snaping!

Cindy Knebel

About the Author

Cindy Knebel
Cindy is a former Element 74 Project Manager and contributing author for the Element 74 blog.

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