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Sure you go to work to, well, work but that doesn’t mean that your business can’t be a place for fun every now and then.

May I Suggest?

“All work and no play”…I’m sure you know the rest. Scary movies aside, there’s a reason this quote, (originally a proverb) resonates today. Mainly, because it’s true. Even the hardest, most dedicated worker would have to admit at some point in the work week they hit a wall and need to have a little f-u-n.

Brain Breaks

A close friend of mine since college; a brain break is exactly what it sounds like. At various points throughout the work week take a few minutes to step back from whatever you are working on and relax your noggin. If you are constantly sitting at a desk or in front of a computer get up and move around and give your eyes a break from staring at screens. Alternatively, if you are always on your feet, pull up a chair and kick your feet up!

My personal favorite brain break at work is having a quick chat with a co-worker about non-work related topics. Talking about the most recent episode of a TV show *cough, This is Us, cough*, the Olympics or how their March Madness bracket is doing. If you choose the last option tread lightly. 😉

Take Time to Celebrate

Celebrating your work family is a fantastic way to make your business a fun place to work and there can be many ways to celebrate.

Birthday Celebrations

Did someone say cake? Celebrating individual birthdays can get to be a bit much depending on how many employees work at your business. At one point in Element 74 history, we had 6 birthdays to celebrate in the month of March alone! However, monthly celebrations are a great alternative. Having a big celebration at the end of the month is a special way to acknowledge employees and of course, have fun and eat sweets!

Professional or personal achievements

Celebrating achievements are fun AND important because they make people feel valued for their hard work and success. Lifting others up is a great way for everyone to enjoy their time at work.


This is an easy one. Holidays do most of the work for you already by tradition, all your business has to do is follow through. Valentine’s Day coming up? Where pink/red and pass out fun cards. Christmas? Have an ugly sweater day. Sadly, April Fool’s is on Sunday this year otherwise I would highly suggest a proper day of pranks. Although you could celebrate early.

Two words: Babies & Dogs

If you want the mood in your business to instantly shift into fun have an employee bring in their baby and watch how smitten the masses become, waiting in line for a chance to hold the little one. First person to get the baby to say his or her first word gets the rest of the day off.

Four-legged furry friends create an atmosphere of fun and playfulness that is hard to replicate any other way. They are entertaining, loving and whether you realize it or not petting an adorable pooch can be a big stress reliever.


This one is especially fun if you have your own space. Decorating can bring happiness to you and others who stop by and visit. You can choose to be simple by hanging a few pictures on the wall or do some serious decorating by hanging shelves that displaying plants, your favorite books or even action figures if that’s your thing. Decorations can be enjoyable to look at and a conversation starter.

Fun may not be the ultimate goal at work, but I wholeheartedly believe injecting some fun into your business every now and then results in a healthy atmosphere, happier employees/clients and even higher quality work!

Rebekah Corbitt

About the Author

Rebekah Corbitt
Affectionately known around the office as "Beks," Rebekah is an avid fan of sitcoms, can turn any moment into a reference from The Office (US), and has a bowl eternally full of candy on her desk.

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