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Have you ever watched a cool video and thought, “Wow! How did they pull that off?” or “Neat! I wonder what this scene looked like during filming”?

My favorite part of my job is by far video production. I love seeing what goes into a video production, how it comes together for the final draft, and I love working with other video production professionals. I’m going to give you a behind the scenes look at the making of Downtown Cape Girardeau’s latest video, but first, a little backstory.

Old Town Cape recently came to Element 74 looking for a video that would help show all that Downtown Cape Girardeau has to offer. It’s not just bars and college kids, and the staff at OTC wanted people to know that. Erin and I set out to craft a story about several locals who love downtown. The story highlights their days from sun-up to sundown and, as their days progress, we see how their paths continue to cross.

With help from local film team Anagram Film (run by Josh Reeves and Adam Miller), we were able to bring this video to life. Our audience can see the wide variety of things you can do downtown, but the video also displays how close knit this community really is.

Behind the Scenes!

As promised, here is a gallery of behind the scenes images from our 2 days of filming. See something interesting, funny, or flat out confusing? Drop a comment below a start a conversation about it.

Want to see stuff like this live as it unfolds?

Austin Bollinger

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Austin Bollinger
Austin holds a creative mind with many facets. From lifting weights to building his own desk to experimenting in graphic design and videography, he never ceases to surprise the team with his interest.

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