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Time to connect with your audience in a new way.

If you use Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably heard of or utilized their Live broadcast features. If not, now is a great time to start. 

For those who may not have heard of Facebook or Instagram Live, this feature gives you the ability to broadcast from anywhere at any time from a mobile device. On Facebook, this video appears in your followers’ news feed, while on Instagram it appears in the Stories section. 

Since the feature launched on Facebook in 2015, there have been more than 8.5 billion live videos produced with 78.4% of online audiences saying they’d watched a Live video in 2018. Today, with social distancing being enforced around the world, it’s estimated Facebook Live viewers have increased by 50% since January 2020. 

Even if your business is reopening and operating as normal, now is a great time to reach those members of your audience who are still practicing social distancing and get in the habit of “Going Live” regularly. We’ve collected a few tips and tricks to help your business get started.

How to use Live:

“Live” can be used in a number of ways to highlight your business and all it has to offer. Here are a few ways you can leverage this feature for your brand. 

  • Product demonstrations: Live offers an excellent opportunity to get your audience interested in what your business has to offer by showing off some of your products and services in real-time. 
  • Behind the scenes: While you might want to share only the most refined version of your business on social media, showing a little bit of your company behind closed doors can be a great way to connect to your audience. With a behind-the-scenes look into your business and company culture with an office tour or show some of your team working on a fun project.Make sure you tell your team ahead of time as not to catch them off guard and to avoid any potential unprofessional behavior. It’s important to walk the line between “live” and refined.  
  • A Q&A or info session: You might already have a FAQ section on your website to answer questions, but with a live “Ask Me Anything,” you get to put a human face to those answers and connect with your audience. Your audience wants to hear from you, so make yourself available. Make sure you schedule and promote the event ahead of time so people are ready to watch and ask questions. You should also prepare a few FAQs and additional talking points just in case there is a lull in incoming comments.
  • Utilize the “Live With” feature: This Live feature was re-launched in April to help with social distancing. This feature is a great way to broadcast with industry professionals or friends of your business who may be far away in an affordable way. 

Some Live Tips

  • Space out live videos or other posts. Live videos are favored by Facebook’s algorithm, so if you plan to make more than one post on the day of your Live broadcast, it’s likely your audience won’t see it. Space your posts out allowing time for people to see and appreciate your video before giving them more information. 
  • Introduce yourself more than once. You’ll want to introduce yourself at the start of the video so people know who you are (you should also add it to the video’s description). As the broadcast continues, introduce yourself a few more times since you’ll likely gain viewers over the course of the video. 
  • Don’t worry about mistakes.This is easier said than done, but it’s OK to make small mistakes during a Live broadcast. Mistakes keep the moment real and add a human touch. Plus, it gives you the chance to laugh with your audience and share a fun moment with them. Just don’t make too big a mistake like forgetting the name of your business or anything. 
  • Recruit help. While it is possible to do Facebook Live on your own, it’s much easier to have help from your team. Recruit a couple people to monitor equipment or act as a moderator in the comments section of the video. Give yourself the freedom to communicate with your audience without having to wear too many hats. 
  • Broadcast for a while. When you go Live, you want to give yourself plenty of time to get into people’s newsfeed and rake in comments, reactions, and shares. A Live video should range anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, as long as you have plenty to talk about and can keep your audience engaged. Comments, reactions, and shares will spread your message and raise awareness for your brand and content.
  • Plan ahead. One of the most attractive things about Live broadcasting is that it is real and relatively unscripted. However, that doesn’t mean you should “Go Live” with no plan. Plan when you’ll be going live and promote that information beforehand so your audience is aware and sets aside to join you. Before you’re live, give yourself an agenda and a few things to talk about if there are lulls in comments from viewers. You’ll also want to make sure all equipment you’re using is charged and functional.

What Will You Do Live?

With Live, you can share your business’ story and connect with your audience easier than ever. If you’re looking for ways to integrate Live into your social media strategy, Element 74 can help. We can help you develop a social media plan that includes stellar broadcasts to get you in touch with your fans easily.

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