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It’s finally fall and as we look back on the last summer months, we can’t help but feel . . . exhausted! What a few months it has been.

We packed a lot of big stuff into one small summer. From pregnancy announcements to a total overhaul of our internal processes, there was no shortage of excitement here in the Element 74 building. And because we know you’re as invested as we are, we wanted to hit you with the highlights! Enjoy!

Professional Development


Element 74’s summer kicked off with our first whole-team training for the Agile Management framework. The bare bones definition is this: Our team is now siphoned into a few smaller teams and the incoming website and custom software projects are now tackled on a team basis. We plan our work out two weeks at a time and during those two weeks, we know everything we’re supposed to be doing–well, almost. We’re still getting the hang of it but we’re pretty jazzed about the future.

True Colors

Last year, the E74 team was able to participate in the personal/professional growth seminar called True Colors. This summer, all of us 2017 newbies were able to go, too. True Colors is a personality assessment course that grants insights not only to yourself but also your teammates and ultimately helps you work better together. My biggest takeaway? That there really are people in the world who aren’t as obsessive about inbox organization as I am. Talk about eye-opening.

Exciting Team Changes

This summer our team saw a lot of peaks and valleys in regard to our team members. We were sad to say goodbye to a few project managers and our lead developer; some of whom relocated and some of whom have followed a new life path. We had our fair share of farewell lunches, but happily, we’re keeping in touch and glad to report that our new “extended family” is doing well.

The “peak” here is in the form of a few new faces! Devon Edmonds rejoined our team after a brief E74 hiatus to pursue other ventures, but we’re pretty sure he’s glad to be back at home. Katie Young, Carrie Walker, and William Liley have all joined our team for the first time ever–and if there are complaints, we sure haven’t heard them. We had a fresh photo shoot last week featuring all our new additions and a new group shot, so stay tuned to see us in all our glamorous end-of-summer glory.

Notable Site Lives

While we celebrate every site we take live, there were a few big ones this summer that made us especially overjoyed; like Downtown Cape, United Way of Southeast Missouri, Semo District Fair, and Viking Cives. And we have a lot more in the docket going live in the remainder of 2017.

More Summer Fun

Other summer highlights included the Marquette Tech Fest, Marketing United, the Global Leadership Summit, and of course, the 2017 Eclipse. Yes, this was one hectic summer. But let’s be honest. If we wanted the predictable or the safe, we wouldn’t work in digital. So bring on the chaos! It’s fall, y’all!

P. S. Want to see these memories unfold in real time?

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