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Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experience mental illness in a given year; that’s 43.8 million people.

So as you could imagine, nonprofit behavioral health organizations like Community Counseling Center are more than necessary. During their last fiscal year (2014-2015), CCC has served nearly 7,500 patients of all ages in five Missouri counties. Those patients repeatedly have quarterly, monthly or weekly services that last years; that translates into over 167,000 hours of direct services. With such a big presence in Southeast Missouri, it was an easy choice for my next Client Spotlight!

“A personal goal of mine is to normalize mental illness because it’s so prevalent,” Says Sharon Braun, CCC’s director of public relations. “Almost 20% of people in the U.S. will be challenged by a mental illness; it’s just as normal as heart disease or any physical disease”.

Community Counseling Center goes above and beyond treating mental illness; They offer couples therapy, peer support groups, and even have a consumer run Gallery of Inspiration where patients can sell artwork they have created. “Art has been known to decrease many struggles that come with mental illness” says Sharon. “We provide any art supplies they need, so they can focus on doing something productive and healthy for themselves”.

Organizations like CCC are saving lives everyday, and in more ways than one. They literally save people’s lives, from giving them hope to providing support to people on their road to recovery. But you can say they save lives in the figurative sense as well; “A couple was on the verge of divorce, and through couples therapy, we saved their relationship. To us, that is also saving a life.”

With the immense amount of services offered daily by CCC, they need your support to keep accomplishing all that they do; and if I’ve done my job properly, you can imagine how much it takes! With big responsibility and funds to fulfill, they have some awesome events to match; every year they have a Wine Festival, Golf Tournament and Craft Beer Festival that anyone can purchase tickets and attend. To see dates and information, go to their events page, and below are some pictures from last years’ events. So get out and support one amazing, and local, organization helping SEMO everyday.


Cindy Knebel

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Cindy Knebel
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