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T’is the month before Christmas,
and all throughout Cape,
We’re collecting presents to make everyone’s Christmas great.

At E74, we’re gearing up to give. Happy’s Toy Bash is coming up, and we’re starting to collect toys in our office. Which got us to thinking, what were some of our favorite Christmas gifts growing up?

A trip down memory lane . . .

“So, I got this guy when I was 19. Freshly out of the house and loving life. My grandparents and my father went behind my back and paid it off for Christmas that year. Best Christmas ever…. 3 years later I got really hard up for money and sold it to a pawn shop. Being my first electric, it really hurt to let it go. The pawn shop owner knew my Dad and she called him to let him know what I had done. My Dad went to said Pawn Shop, bought it back, and then re-gifted it to me 2 years later. Complete shock both times to open it on Christmas.” – Aja

Aja, far left, holding his first guitar.

“My first hockey stick, it was a KOHO hockey stick like the pros had. Made from one piece of solid oak wood, I remember having to oil it to get the blade to bend just right.” – Alex

“Christmas 1984 definitely ranks up there for me (yeah, I’m old). Got a Browning shotgun from my grandpa and Optimus Prime! Sure miss those old days with all the family around.” – Darren

“The Red Ryder BB Gun.” – Kyle

“My favorite Christmas gift was my green Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokemon Yellow that I got in fourth grade. A nice kid in Toys R Us gave me a pro tip on how to beat Brock, and my Butterfree and I kicked butt all the way to the Elite Four.” – Carrie


Darren's Christmas '84

“Gotta say, my favorite Christmas gift wasn’t a toy. If I had to pick a toy though, I’d go with the year we got a 3DO. Long before Christmas, my parents would pull it out every night after the kids went to sleep. It was years before we knew how they seemed to have such strong intuition when it came to Myst.” – Caleb

“I got one of my best friends a couple years ago. Her name is Brandy. We celebrate her birthday on Christmas.” – William

“My favorite Christmas present was my first real mountain bike. I remember getting it and taking it outside for a test drive but I wasn’t quite big enough to reach the pedals and it was really cold outside…obviously. My dad assured me that, by Spring, I’d be tall enough to ride it. He was right. As soon as Spring rolled around I took to the woods!” – Austin

William's BFF, Brandy

You can help too! Swing by Element 74  and drop a toy in our Toys for Tots Happy’s Toy Bash!

What about you? Drop your favorite toy in the comments!

Rebekah Corbitt

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Rebekah Corbitt
Affectionately known around the office as "Beks," Rebekah is an avid fan of sitcoms, can turn any moment into a reference from The Office (US), and has a bowl eternally full of candy on her desk.

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