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Just like the plant sitting on your windowsill, your email subscriber strategy requires constant nurturing and attention if you want to keep it healthy.

Your list requires effort and intention in order to start and grow. Think about it: your email list includes some of your most important customers – those who have opted in to hear from you and allow you to take up space in their cluttered inboxes.

Believe it or not, your subscriber list isn’t supposed to stay static. As people change, so do their interests, styles, and values – and they’ll reflect that through the brands whose emails they choose to receive. According to our friends at Emma, the average email list changes about 30% each year with new subscribers and opt-outs. This is healthy!

That being said, a continual strategy to make sure you’re moving the needle up on your email list is important! We’ve listed a few tips to get you started:

  1. Provide great content! Ok, so you knew this one was coming : ) But, consider its importance: your emails have the power to be shared, send MULTIPLE people to your website and make a purchase, and convert an ordinary customer to a brand ambassador! My point? You can’t send emails with mediocre or thoughtless content. It has to be intentional, tied to a goal, and targeted to your audience. Give your subscribers the content they expected when they signed up for your list!
  2. Give incentives for people to sign up. We’ll let you in on a huge marketing secret: there is ONE reason people sign up for your email list, and that is that they believe it provides them with something of value. Your job is to find out what is valuable to your target audience and determine how you can provide that to them. Generally, discount codes and free downloads are a great way to grow your email subscribers (who doesn’t like free things or saving some cash?). Test out different strategies to determine what works best for you. To get more mileage out of this strategy, try promoting the offer on social media!
  3. Encourage people to share and forward your emails. Place buttons under places in the email that will spark the most attention which encourage readers to share on social media or forward to their friends. Be sure to include a place in the email for those people to easily opt-in.
  4. Set up an automated welcome email or series. Research shows that people have come to expect these, and they typically have higher open rates since the subscriber is so engaged. You can say thank you, highlight testimonials, tell your subscriber what to expect, or provide them with a surprise offer. Welcome emails are also the perfect place to ask people for more information to help you send more targeted emails to their preferences. This will decrease the likelihood of subscribers opting out.
  5. Put pen to paper. If you attend events with potential customers or have a brick-and-mortar business, simply put out a sheet for people to write their email addresses. You may be surprised at how many people will give you their email out of pure interest in your brand after seeing you in-person.
  6. Don’t forget about your day-ones. In order to keep your list growing and prevent opt-outs, you must continue to nurture your existing subscribers! Send them special offers, even when they are in the middle of your funnel. If you haven’t already, try asking these subscribers what kinds of emails they prefer to receive to keep the content targeted to them as their preferences change.

Feel like your email marketing efforts are falling flat? Try experimenting with a few list growth strategies. You may be shocked when you see how impactful they can be when put into place! And if you couldn’t already tell – we’re pretty passionate about email marketing. If any part of your strategy needs improvement, click here to learn how we can help!

Jessica May

About the Author

Jessica May
Jessica is a former Element 74 Project Manager and contributing author for the Element 74 blog.

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