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Website design and functionality has changed dramatically over the past several years and continues to do so at an extremely fast pace. Whether you realize it or not, your website is a vital part of marketing and promoting your brand.

To help you determine the current condition of your website, here are 5 signs it’s time for a redesign.

Have you ever visited a website where the entire design fits in a small area in the middle of the screen? Or notice that a song starts playing immediately when you open the site, shaking your speakers and nearly knocking you off your chair? If you’re like me you probably think, “Wow. This hasn’t been touched in at least 5 years.” Take a look at our own site circa 2004 below and then follow along after to discover the 5 signs you need a redesign:

1. Your Site Looks and Feels Dated

Websites are meant to be kept up with and evolve over time, not just something you can set and forget for the next ten years. If someone lands on your site and they see featured calendar events that occurred over six months ago, it will give a bad impression about how much you keep up with your site.

The design gives off a stale look and it might have text squished into a small area.

A tell tale sign of an older site is seeing this somewhere: circa 2004

2. Your Site is Static (Not Powered by a CMS)

Static sites are sites that have been built using basic HTML and are not editable unless you know how to code. Today, we are lucky enough that you don’t have to be a developer or go to school for years learning code to be able to update a website. In fact, with the advent of content management systems (CMS) users are empowered to make changes to their websites with just a few simple clicks. Having a static site, or even an old outdated version of a CMS makes updating difficult or nonexistent.

3. Your Site is Not Responsive

When scaling down to smaller screen sizes, or up to larger screen sizes, websites that do not “respond” force users to compensate to view content on the page. For example, if you are looking at a website on a smartphone and see that the site is displaying as it would on a computer screen and have to pinch and scroll to enlarge text enough to read it, then the website is not responsive.

This is a big issue, since a large portion of online traffic these days comes from mobile devices. People are more apt to pull out their smartphone to find out the information they seek than going to a desktop computer and doing the same search—it’s all about the convenience!

4. Your Menu Structure is Hard to Navigate

Websites that have main menus, sub menus, sub-sub menus and side menus that a user can only access while on specific pages make for a frustrating user experience. If your website has a navigation that is hard for a user to follow, it could be time to clean things up. The merging of pages and working to spruce up the layout often does the trick.

5. You Haven’t Touched Your Site In Years

An effective website should act as a marketing partner. Used in the right way, your website can bring in new leads, capture inquiries, and provide relevant information in an easy-to-digest way. When a website has sat neglected for years without a single update it isn’t doing you any favors. Sometimes a simple revamp of the design and fluffing up content is enough to get you started to the next step.

In the long run, having an old, outdated website is actually costing you money. Budget time into your schedule each week to give your site an overhaul and make it a priority. Recruit a team member or two to help you get there! When your website reflects your vision and has a purpose, it starts working for you.

If you’re not sure you’re website needs a refresh or if you found yourself nodding to each of these points, reach out to us for a free consultation!

Katie Young

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Katie Young
Katie enjoys spending time with her dog, Rufus and is always on the lookout for cool rocks and fossils. She's passionate about helping her clients with their digital presence and can be found in her office with her horse figurines.

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