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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a restaurant? Vanessa & John Eric Klein didn’t just wonder; they went for it.

The dream team first met while working together at a local restaurant, and from then on their relationships grew in more ways than one! With the right collaboration and the right ingredients, this restaurant was bound to be a hit.

While working with them on a new website it was clear that what started out as a memorable story, certainly would become a memorable restaurant. The interior is comfortable yet elegant, with decor inspired by The Great Gatsby as well as other antiques from around the city. They feature over 50 styles of wine, and they also have an event space looking over the river on the top level. Even more memorable is their Chef, Houston Sutton, who had made a promise to the couple years before that he would partner with them if they ever bought a restaurant. He creates unique, delicious plates that gives the restaurant a flare that’s just what Cape Girardeau needed.

I asked my coworker Austin for his thoughts on the restaurant and he didn’t hold back: My first time at 36 was absolutely phenomenal. We had just launched Vanessa and John Eric’s new website and some of the team and I just had to go celebrate at 36. Chris Edmonds, Chris Behnken, and I took our wives out for a night of excellent wine and fantastic food. Austin said. I can honestly say that it was the BEST fillet I had ever had. I cannot wait to go back again.

All of us at Element 74 love getting the chance to work with business owners that are passionate and committed to what they do. Owning a restaurant takes audacity and determination, and these three have just that.


Cindy Knebel

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Cindy Knebel
Cindy is a former Element 74 Project Manager and contributing author for the Element 74 blog.

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