Element 74 Does the Heart Walk!

Show your heart some love by joining us for the Heart Walk We like to think of ourselves as a philanthropic bunch. We like to get together to support different causes and charities; over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of joy from giving back to the community that has given so much to us.  Between the twenty of us, we’ve ...  Read More

5 Goals for Your Site in 2018

The new year isn't just a great time to evaluate yourself--it's a great time to evaluate your digital dollars and how you're spending them. One of the biggest blunders we see in digital media is people who invest a lot of budget and hours into a beautiful website, only to leave it gathering dust on the internet. Don't get me ...  Read More

Keeping New Years Resolutions

3 . . . 2 . . . wait, I'm not ready. Every year starts with that shiny new midnight--a full 60 seconds of hope that in the next 365 days, you'll be able to change everything you don't like about your life. The problem is that this magical minute of midnight is followed almost immediately by the first week ...  Read More

Take A Break: 3 Ways to Detox from Social Media

With the insane amount of current events and information we wake up to everyday, social media is becoming more stressful to keep up with than ever. With such a complex, distracting tool always available, we may be overdoing it. Studies find that the average daily amount of time spent on the five most popular social platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram ...  Read More

Christmas Wishes

T'is the month before Christmas, and all throughout Cape, We're collecting presents to make everyone's Christmas great. At E74, we're gearing up to give. Happy's Toy Bash is coming up, and we're starting to collect toys in our office. Which got us to thinking, what were some of our favorite Christmas gifts growing up? A trip down memory lane . ...  Read More

Around the World With Element 74

We're not supposed to have favorite clients . . . but the Christopher Columbus Condos on the Grand Cayman Islands makes that a bit of a challenge. When I started working at Element 74, I expected to try a lot of new things in a professional context. But when I was given the opportunity to travel to the Cayman Islands ...  Read More

Hometown Movie Magic

Have you ever watched a cool video and thought, "Wow! How did they pull that off?" or "Neat! I wonder what this scene looked like during filming"? My favorite part of my job is by far video production. I love seeing what goes into a video production, how it comes together for the final draft, and I love working with ...  Read More

Bad Rabbit Ransomware

It's our goal to keep you as updated as possible on all the latest in tech. As we learn more about this ransomware, we'll keep you posted! What is Bad Rabbit? On October 24, a new strain of ransomware has been identified, discovered in Russia and Ukraine, called Bad Rabbit. According to reports from KasperSky, ransomware started by infecting organizations in ...  Read More

E74 Summer Wrap Up

It's finally fall and as we look back on the last summer months, we can't help but feel . . . exhausted! What a few months it has been. We packed a lot of big stuff into one small summer. From pregnancy announcements to a total overhaul of our internal processes, there was no shortage of excitement here in the ...  Read More