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Toni  Eftink
Director of Project Management

Meet Toni Eftink, Director of Project Management and User Experience. Toni has been a member of our team for almost 5 years and loves to help clients solve business problems using strategic website development and smart digital marketing. She's slightly obsessed with wireframes and addicted to email marketing.

Toni enjoys hiking, running with the Cape Social Run and Run for God groups, reading Inc & Fast Company and is currently hooked on Call the Midwive on Netflix. After a hard day's work you may find her and her boyfriend Brandon chilling out at Biergarten eating "the best boneless wings in Cape". Toni is a member of St. Vincent's church and gets together with a small group of close friends every week to share life stories and faith.

On Saturday mornings you can find her hanging out downtown at Dynamite, Muriel's Garden, the Farmer's Market and checking out other little shops with friends. Toni hails from the tiny town of Leopold and makes regular trips home to hang out with her close-knit family.

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