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Caleb  Neely
Application Developer

Meet Caleb, our lead Front End Developer. Caleb started on the Element 74 Support team and worked his way through the ranks to Junior Developer. Caleb is the go-to guy for Front-end development and our Support Team leans on him for issues that prove more difficult. Caleb is a long time veteran at Element 74 and has a knack for troubleshooting and solving problems in creative ways.

After work, Caleb loves playing video games on his suped-up PC and he loves visiting his family and friends in St. Louis every other weekend.

What Does a Project Manager Actually Do?
Have you ever met someone and after they told you their job title, you still were left wondering what it is that they do? My name is Rebekah, and I’m a Project Manager at Element 74. ;) So, what exactly does an Element 74 Project Manager do? Don’t worry; I’m not going to say,...
Meet Jessica May
The Element 74 team just can’t stop growing! I’m happy to announce my position as the newest addition to the project management team. While originally from O’Fallon, Mo., I spent the last four years at SEMO working on a mass communications degree. I completed a marketing internshi...
Brew, Golf & Barbecue: Why Everyone Loved Customer Appreciation Day 2016
OK, you caught us: We are a cutting-edge digital production company with some old school values! One of our favorite times of the year is when it's time for our Customer Appreciation Day, and this year easily topped them all. We wanted to do something that gave our customers a great afternoon, with ...
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