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President, CEO, Office Manager; whatever your job title is, chances are you're entirely too busy to keep track of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest pages. Element 74 is here to assist you in your social media presence. Unlike many companies, we do more than just set up a fan page and slap a logo on it.

Our Project Managers will sit down with you and your team to craft a social media strategy that will result in higher lead conversion and increased brand awareness. Once we have a plan, we will meet with you once or twice a month for potential content ideas, and then post for you all month long.

Mobile Experience is Officially Superior
Whether you’re ready or not, Google is significantly changing the way you search. If you have a website, pay attention: Google is shifting its algorithm, or search formula, to separate mobile from desktop searches. Because the number of searches on a mobile device have surpassed desktop sear...
Courting Your Customers
Valentine’s Day is almost here: The day of love, expensive candies, and feeling special. I don’t know about you, but when I think about feeling special or important, brands are not the first thing that come to mind. Maybe I should, though; there’s something intensely intimate about...
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