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We believe your website is only as good as the foundation of its design. That's why we go to extreme lengths to work with you to create a clear objective for your web project before we even get started. Your website must reflect the unique personality of your business and speak to your target audience and demographic. The "look and feel" of your website will evoke an emotional response from your customers and potential customers which makes the design a very critical part to your overall web strategy. In addition to stunning website design, we offer corporate identity and branding packages as well.

The web has a subtle set of rules like all other media. Simply plugging brochure copy into your site is easy but not very effective. At Element 74, our writers and designers are specially trained to use the web`s subtleties and power to the best effect for your business or product. Element 74 takes your creative goals and strategies and uses them to design a website that attracts and holds your customer`s attention and persuades them to take action.

Element 74: Programming Your Ideas

Mobile Experience is Officially Superior
Whether you’re ready or not, Google is significantly changing the way you search. If you have a website, pay attention: Google is shifting its algorithm, or search formula, to separate mobile from desktop searches. Because the number of searches on a mobile device have surpassed desktop sear...
Courting Your Customers
Valentine’s Day is almost here: The day of love, expensive candies, and feeling special. I don’t know about you, but when I think about feeling special or important, brands are not the first thing that come to mind. Maybe I should, though; there’s something intensely intimate about...
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